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I'm not ready to upload art yet. That's why I haven't uploaded in months and why I deleted a bunch of old art and journals. I might also change my name because I don't want it too be out on the internet just yet. I'm still gonna keep the name though. I don't know what to do with this account.
NOTE: I am sorry for this mesh of random words, I will try to update this into a congruent Journal. Read at your own risk. And it might be a bit confusing if you haven't seen all the games yet. It's best to see Game Theory's videos first so then you can understand what I'm talking about. Also Spoilers!

I believe that Purple guys daughter is Spring Trap, Purple guy possesses Ennard, and The puppets spirit it still there. The timeline is that Purple guy killed a little girl behind Fredbears family Diner who later became the puppet. He made the Sister Location. His daughter died because of an accident from Baby's ice cream chest. Purple guy went to the Sister Location to be with his daughter, he ended up getting scooped by Ennard. The daughter barfed out Ennard, possessing Purple guy, killing the 4 kids after one of the bites. Gets a new identity as Mike Schmidt. Gets stuffed by the 6 spirits.

I will try to be more formal now. My evidence for how the puppet is a girl is because in the Custom Night Spring trap cut-scene, Spring trap says "I have found her". The reason for why only the puppet is around is because in the FNaF3 end mini game, there is only 6 spirits. Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Fredbear(crying child). There is still 1 left. And this makes since because the puppet is the only one that appears in FNaF3 that isn't a phantom.…   The puppet died from Purple guy, NOT the daughter possessing Purple guys body. She hasn't gotten her revenge like the others.

There is a lot of proof that you play as Purple guy in FNaF:SL, but you can see Game Theory for that. The reason for why he is there is  because he wants to see his daughter again. The child who was killed by baby in the cupcake mini game. This also explains why Baby is the ONLY animatronic who is friendly to you. The reason for why she ends up scooping you is because the other animatronics are in control of Ennard. (Ennard is all the animatronics in one, thus why he has multiple eyes, and why the teaser says "there is a little bit of my in every body.") Ennard wants to escape the location, become human. The daughter is just stuck with Ennard. Over time in the Custom Night mini games, purple guys skin starts to rot because its bassically just enard wearing Purple guys skin. Thus turning his skin into a PURPLE shade! A literal purple guy. At the end of the mini game, Ennard is barfed out into the sewer. Thus why there is multiple eyes in the sewer. In the background you hear the words "he wont die". I believe that Purple guys spirit possessing the barfed out Ennard.And that the daughter managed to defeat the rest of Ennard, and is now possessing her OWN FATHER! The girl is possessing Purple Guy's corpse. Purple guy is possessing Ennard.

This makes since because in the Spring trap mini game, Spring trap says "Father" "They thought I was you" In FNaF3, the children trap purple guy's body into the spring suit. The children thought they were killing Purple Guy, but was actually trapping the daughter into the suit. A girl possessing a corpse trapped in a suit. Wow. I also believe that the daughter possessing Purple guy killed the 4 bullies in FNaF4. Thus why when they trap the killer into the suit, they go to heaven. But not the puppet. The 4 kids got revenge on their killer, the puppet hasn't yet. the daughter killed the 4 bullies. She did this to get revenge on them for killing her brother, the crying child, victim of the Bite. A Double revenge!

But there is a problem with this, how come in the Spring trap mini game, Spring trap has a male voice? I think that the voice is really the voice box of the animatronic. We have proof of this because Baby has a woman's voice, not a little girls. They must be talking through the animatronics voice box. The other animatronics can talk, even though they aren't possessed.

In FNaF World, Spring Bonnie is reference to be both genders. A male character, a female spirit.…  

The daughter gets an identidy as Mike Schmidt because in the mini game, it says "Father, it's me Micheal" I also think that Spring trap is still in contact with Purple guy Ennard. Thus why Spring trap doesn't call itself a girl. But it's new identidy. And this makes since because in FNaF1, when you get the pink slip. It says that you were terminated because of "Odor" Your smelly rotting purple flesh.

The puppet is still out there, wondering why she hasn't ascended into heaven. While her TRUE killer is still out there, possessing Ennard in the sewers.

Made on December 6 2016
Five Nights at Freddy's is back, and bigger than ever! The game has swept the internet by storm! But is bigger really better?

    Sister Location is about a mechanic of the Circus Baby's Pizza World animatronics. Your goal is to repair the suits before morning when they will be shipped out to entertaining kids. You have a computer assistant names Hand Unit. He instructs you what to do. But you could also listen to a friendly animatronic named Baby. The game took over a year to make. It is filled with jokes, animations, and voice acting.

    The voice acting is a refreshing spin on the franchise, it is scary at times and gives the characters more life. But it might be used a bit too much. It seems like a gimmick. Especially Baby's voice, she talks way too much and always sounds like she is reading a script. Hand Unit's voice is funny, quirky, and mysterious. He explains way too much though, kind of getting rid of the mysterious game play. The Bonnie hand puppet is way too loud, repetitive, and obnoxious. Other voices are great, like Freddy's voice, or Ballora's.

    The jokes are really funny and new. But does distract from the eerie atmosphere. And while the other games had humor, it was a good balance, this game has way too much of it. Like the angsty teen voice that ends up being pointless, or the bongo's. And the worst contender is the vampire T.V. show. It's not that funny, and is just a way to prove they can do more mechanics. Like eating popcorn, or having 2D animation. The show does still have a meaning behind it, and that does makes it a bit better.

    The game play. I love it how each night has different game play, it is a new and refreshing idea. But with more mechanics, there is less room for balance. The old games, while getting stale after a while, it was fun. There were multiple things to do. But this game is like if in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the first night is JUST the mask, the 2nd night is just the music box, and the 3rd night is just the flash light. In this game, there isn't enough space for dynamic game play. It just feels so repetitive. Like Night 4 with the spring locks. And since every night is bland, there isn't much re-play value. Only just to find another secret. I play the old games on my phone a lot because they are quick to learn, and challenging to master. And most of all, fun!
It made since why in the other games there was no level select, each night was very similar. But when this game has no level select, if I want to play a certain night, you have to play the entire game in order to do so. Like if I want to play the Bonnie hand puppet game, I will have to go through everything else to play a certain game style.

    Overall, it is a bit of a disappointment, after waiting over a year, the constant hype. It ended up being very unbalanced. It had good ideas, every sequel has to be bigger or different from the last. It's what keeps peoples interest. But Scott Cawthon put too much focus on the gimmicks than the over all fun aspect and subtly. I give it a 3.6 out of 5.

    While it does have it's problems, it feels like Five Nights at Freddy's. It is scary most of the time, has a complicated hidden story, filled with a grim atmosphere, and always has a bit of innocence left for comedic effect.
I would like to admit some things. First off, I admit that I trace when I draw. It's still hard to get a sertain line just right. I had no intention to steal, I'm just not that good on my own. And so this is why I've been gone for so long, I am using way too much "inspiration" on my drawings. And I taught myself to draw my own work, no copy and pasting required. But this also means that I won't publish as much work on here, one because I don't to spoil my future projects, two because they won't be as good, and three is in caise if I upload or say something that I will regret later. I hope you will understand.

Edit:What I mean is that I don't directly trace over, I mean more like tracing over a body base of an adult man, then draw clothes, and a face. You know, like one of those sonic or pony oc's

And, not all of my drawings are traced, only some. Some a bit more or less than others.
I'm Back! My computer broke, and the shipping of the new one got delayed. But I'm back now, so YAY!La Wink ...only 1 person will get the joke.


Alex B
United States
I am a new animator, ready to share to the world my talents, and get feedback on ways to get better! Please enjoy your stay on my page! :)


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