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I would like to admit some things. First off, I admit that I trace when I draw. It's still hard to get a sertain line just right. I had no intention to steal, I'm just not that good on my own. And so this is why I've been gone for so long, I am using way too much "inspiration" on my drawings. And I taught myself to draw my own work, no copy and pasting required. But this also means that I won't publish as much work on here, one because I don't to spoil my future projects, two because they won't be as good, and three is in caise if I upload or say something that I will regret later. I hope you will understand.

Edit:What I mean is that I don't directly trace over, I mean more like tracing over a body base of an adult man, then draw clothes, and a face. You know, like one of those sonic or pony oc's

And, not all of my drawings are traced, only some. Some a bit more or less than others.
I'm Back! My computer broke, and the shipping of the new one got delayed. But I'm back now, so YAY!La Wink ...only 1 person will get the joke.
Mega Wobbuffet by Camacaw
Mega Wobbuffet
This is Mega Wobbuffet
Typing: Psychic Fighting
Height: 5ft
New Move for Mega: Shadow Barrier: Wobbuffet completely protects it's tail from any special attack, then after the move ended, wobbuffet will get +1 attack and +1 special attack each turn because it's tail has prepared for double combat!

It's tail should resemble it's shadow. It IS it's shadow!
Mega Xatu by Camacaw
Mega Xatu
This is Mega Xatu
Typing: Psychic Fairy
Height: 5ft 2inch
New Move for Mega: Call of the Natu's: Xatu makes a loud call, then on the next turn, a horde of Natu's storm the opponent, causing dizziness and damage. 60 damage-fairy type move

Imagine both it's wings out, won't it look like a face? Mega Xatu is based off of an Indian Chief.
Mega Meganium Mega Feraligatr Mega Typhlosion v.2 by Camacaw
Mega Meganium Mega Feraligatr Mega Typhlosion v.2
This is Mega Meganium Mega Feraligatr Mega Typhlosion v.1
Typing: Grass Dragon | Water Ice | Fire Dark
Height: 8ft 3inch | 7ft | 6ft 9inch
Meganite | Feralinite | Typhlonite
New Move for Mega: Solar Absorb: When Meganium uses this move, it means that once it faints, it will be revived with half of it's health left.-stats-grass type move. | Icy Armor: Once it is used, Feraligatr will get +1 attack and +1 defence for 5 turns.-stats-ice type move. | Fiery Quills: It sets it's quills aflame, so that when anyone touches it, they will get -5 health, and get burnt.-physical attack-5 damage-fire type move.


Alex B
United States
I am a new animator, ready to share to the world my talents, and get feedback on ways to get better! Please enjoy your stay on my page! :)

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I nominate you to the T.rex train challenge.

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I'm following you now! - Trey the Explainer
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Did I just get complimented on my messy art by one of my scientific heroes?! :faint: 
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